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About Us
MIS Group has been dedicated to conducting quantitative and qualitative research in both France and the UK since 2001.

With over two decades of experience, we've been assisting research institutes, consultancies, agencies, and universities in executing their quantitative and qualitative studies. Our team comprises over 30 experts in research, panels, and digital marketing, including research managers, project managers, IT developers, web designers, and more.
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Do you have a product testing project in mind?

  •  Our Quantitative Solution
We provide comprehensive support throughout your paid product testing project, from inception to completion. This entails guiding you on research design, crafting questionnaires through our skilled developer team or utilising our e-Survey platform, recruiting respondents, conducting surveys, and delivering the collected data.

  •  Our Qualitative Solution
We offer a comprehensive approach tailored for your qualitative product testing endeavours. Ensuring end-to-end support that encompasses recruitment, project management, logistics and field management, we provide a fully streamlined solution for your product testing project.

Moreover, we offer adept assistance in managing your online communities, seamlessly integrating various product testing activities. With our innovative product, On-Qual, designed specifically for online communities, we take care of all the intricate details, allowing you to focus solely on gathering valuable insights.
Do you have a product testing project in mind?